Learning and Informational pages on this website

  • Engraving creation process with pictures. Shows pictures of Max working on an engraving with a microscope and tools.

  • Framing- Pictures of the steps used to frame engravings. Includes a picture of an engraved copper plate. Similar steps are taken to frame paintings.

  • Frequently asked questions - Answers to many questions about the artwork and purchasing information. The section about the artwork would be considered the most educational. No pictures, but has several links to the pages with pictures.

  • General information about the engravings, such as type of paper, measuring and where to find other info about them.

  • Giclée information on a basic information page. There is a more technical page for those who want more, and a printable page designed to print out of the information on the technical page, a picture of "The Trail Of Tears" and contact information for R. Michelson Galleries.

  • Purchasing Information will answer most of your questions about purchasing artwork.

  • Painting creation has a description, with pictures, of a painting from a bare masonite panel to the finished oil painting.

  • Paradigm shift - A page showing the classic face/vase illustration that causes your mind's eye to shift from one perspective to another.

  • Printing an Engraving - Step by step pictorial of an engraving being printed, from the engraved plate to the finished engraving.

  • "The Trail of Tears"    A historical oil painting depicting the tragic march of the Native Americans. Giclées are now available through R. Michelson Galleries .

  • Tools used for engraving. Life size pictures at 800 X 600 monitor resolution on a 15" monitor, with names of the tools.

  • Views From The Studio

    Would you like to see different oil paintings in the stages of painting, from the penciled panel to the finished artwork, or an engraving as it is being engraved? You can find the featured artwork as well as the previoulsy featured artwork in this area. There is also pictures of an engraving being printed.

    As we get more pictures of paintings or engravings as they are created, we will add them as newly featured pages. most

Other educational pages will be added here as they are added to the site, so check back occasionally for new links.

Want to purchase Max Standley's artwork for your home or office?
Please contact R. Michelson Galleries to see and purchase available paintings and/or engravings (or Fine Impressions for engravings.

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