Max D. Standley essay

At first glance my paintings and engravings appear to be realistic. *(More about the engravings)

Then, as they are looked at closer, you may see hidden and overt archetypical symbols, with hints of biomorphic and visionary imagery. You can look at it as a coded mystery, a visual scavenger hunt for the meaning of each symbol, all wrapped in a seemingly realistic vision.

A significant number of the oil paintings and recent engravings will induce visual shifts; some of the hidden images will be in the negative space (the space around objects).

I am especially attracted to water. It lends itself to manipulation, allowing the subconscious forms to appear. I have to be cautious not to drown in the imagery, though.

By layering the imagery and symbology I'm exploring the phenomena of time and space, as it takes time to perceive everything.

The "I see what you say" motif repeats itself in my work by blending the features of one visage with another.

Ambiguity is fertile ground for the imagination.

I hope you find my artwork a healing experience.

  Max D. Standley   

Biography - Professional History

*About engravings: they are not etchings, although they are also intaglio prints. Engravings use no coatings or chemicals to make the marks on the plate. A more thorough description is on the FAQ page and the Engraving information page.

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