Amherst Show - November 2002
"The Spirit Of Nature"

- Article in the Amherst Bulletin -
Early birds looking in the front window

"Realism is a jumping-off place for me,'' said Standley whose light-drenched landscapes are studded with embedded images of the spirits he believes reside among us everywhere - a hawk hidden in moving water, a human face in the underbrush.    
      Like gazing into a tidal pool, the longer you look, the more you see, hence the "ohs." At his Web site,, Standley explains how that gazing time factors into his intention: "By layering the imagery and symbology, I'm exploring the phenomena of time and space, as it takes time to perceive everything."

Max points out hidden imagery in "Light Gathering."

Standley  pointing out  hidden images in Light Gathering

  Standley says his work is all about transformation - of himself while he's painting, of a viewer, he hopes, while they gaze. "Hopefully it is a healing experience,"; he said. "That is my intention." 

Deep in conversation, Max Standley in the middle
Deep in conversation, that is Max in the middle.

Arkansas artist Max Standley, whose exhibit ''The Spirit of nature'' was the featured show through November at R. Michelson Galleries in Amherst (creates paintings with) embedded images of nature's creatures and features that reveal themselves to a viewer over time.
- - - Bonnie Wells, Amherst Bulletin - - -

On the downtown Amherst Gallery Walk this month, the hum of chatting and noshing at R. Michelson Galleries in Amherst is peppered with small, surprised cries of "0h!" followed by someone elbowing a companion and pointing toward a painting.

"The 'oh,' that's the goal," said Arkansas artist Max Standley, whose exhibit "The Spirit of Nature" is the featured show through November at the gallery at 25 S. Pleasant St.

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