Beecher Moss's Turn of the Century Coming of Age Memoir


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Slusher Family home, drawing

Drawing of the Slusher Family home in good times, with the children playing and adults working.

Children picking greens

Drawing of the Slusher Family children (Beecher's mother and siblings) picking green when they were starving during the Civil War.

Drawing of Father Slusher arriving home from war

Drawing of Father Slusher arriving home from the war with food for the family, the children were surprised when they got back from picking greens.

Drawing of the cabin Henry Beecher Moss was born in

Drawing of the log cabin Beecher was born in at Parthenon, Arkansas.

Beecher's first set danced, drawing

Drawing of the first set Beecher ever danced, when he was 8 years old.

Drawing of Robb Hobb's throat being cut

Drawing of men cutting Rob Hobbs throat for not building the Courthouse the way they thought it should have been built.

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