The Creation of
"The Parthenon Columns"

paint and pencil

Here the basic composition is laid out in pencil on the gesso with the sky and some of the trees underpainted.

You can see the easel behind the painting.

bluff underpainting is done

The trees and the bluff have all been underpainted.

The water hasn't been painted yet, the gesso can still be seen.

trees, shadows, and rock texture are being added

The cliff face is becoming more refined, shadows are appearing on the face under the trees and rocks.

Rock texture is being added, water marks have been refined on the top of the bluff.

shadows and a crevice have appeared

A crevice has appeared on the cliff face, along with many more shadows.

There are a few rocks painted by the unpainted river.

clouds have been added, the cliff face is almost done

Clouds have appeared in the sky.

The bluff face is nearly done.

The water will be done in the next step.

water added with reflections, along with birds

The water has been laid out here, with reflections of the sky and bluff.

Birds have been added to the sky, riding the updrafts.

water han been laid out all at once, with reflections started, birds have appeared

The reflections are refined here, everything is being finished, ripples in the water have been added and details are being completed with glazes and opaque paints.

Rocks are added under the clear water.

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