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We are pleased to Announce

An exhibition of Max D. Standley artwork
R. Michelson Galleries Sept. 1-30, 2012

"Lucid Journeys"

See the new artwork here in our

What's New Slide Show
(They are much better in person.)


Slide show of New Artwork, with detail pictures.

We are switching all our artwork galleries into the slide show format, for your viewing convenience.

The New Artwork slide show gallery has each piece in a separate album, with detail pictures.

If you go to full screen you will see the largest pictures we have ever had on this website.

We hope you find them an improvement on what we had before.

Note: If what you are using to look at websites can't show Flash files, go to the painting and engraving pages to see what is available.

We are pleased to Announce

The image of the oil painting

"The Trail of Tears"

Is on the cover of a book by

A.J. Langguth

"Driven West: Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears to the Civil War"

The image is being featured
on CNN.com

With a commentary by the author
and a video interview of the author
by Larry King.
Contact R. Michelson Galleries to see this and other artwork.

Want to purchase Max Standley's artwork for your home or office?
Please contact R. Michelson Galleries to see and purchase available paintings and/or engravings (or Fine Impressions for engravings.

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